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Brazil Carnival Dates

Why Do Brazil Carnival Dates Change Every Year?

Carnival is celebrated all over Brazil and it that happens before Lent. It’s tied to the Catholic Church Calendar. Easter Sunday is immediately after the full moon that occurs between March 22 and April 26. This difference in dates happens because the calendar used to set the months  and days of the year is based on the sun and the calendar that set the dates of Easter is based on the moon, so every year the dates will change and that affects the Brazil Carnival dates.

Brazil Carnival Dates

brazil carnival dates

Carnival Dates 2018: February 9th – 14th
Carnival Dates 2019: March 1st – 6th
Carnival Dates 2020: February 21st – 26th
Carnival Dates 2021: February 12th – 17th
Carnival Dates 2022: February 25th – March 2nd
Brazil Carnival Dates 2023: February 17th – 22nd
Brazil Carnival Dates 2024: February 9th – 14th
Brazil Carnival Dates 2025: Feb. 28th – Mar. 5th
Brazil Carnival Dates 2026: February 13th – 18th
Brazil Dates 2027: February 5th – 10th
Brazil Dates 2028: February 25th – March 1st
Carnival Dates 2029: February 9th -14th
Carnival Dates 2030: March 1st – 6th

Best Carnivals in Brazil

Carnival is celebrated all over Brazil. The top two Carnivals in Brazil are Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and Carnival in Salvador, Bahia in the Northeast of Brazil. Below is a brief description of both.

Carnival in Rio

Carnival in Rio is Brazil’s most famous Carnival. The main attraction is the Rio Samba Parade which is on the Sunday & Monday of Carnival. Besides the Samba Parade there are Carnival Balls, Parties & Street Parties during the day. Check Out our Rio Carnival Packages for more info.

Carnival in Salvador, Bahia

Carnival in Salvador is the most popular Carnival for Brazilians and considered the wildest. It’s also considered by the Guinness Book of World Records as the Largest Street Party in the world. Check out our Salvador Carnival Packages for more info

Brazil Carnival FAQs

Is there more than one Carnival in Brazil ? I thought the carnival was only in Rio de Janeiro??

YES! Contrary to popular belief there are actual quite a few Carnival celebrations all over Brazil. While  Rio de Janeiro’s is the most famous out of all of them, other big ones are in Salvador , Bahia Brazil as well as in Recife, Brazil in the northeast part of the country.

What is the difference between the parties and celebrations between the two Carnivals? 

Salvador Carnival is more of a street party with locals vs Rio which is a bit more touristy and features more parties/clubs and the famous Samba Parade.  For the Carnival in Salvador,  you celebrate by actually participating in street parties or grandstand clubs called “camarotes”, while in Rio you attend the Carnival parade typically on one night (Sunday and Monday nights are the best nights) while the other Carnival  in Brasil nights are spent at private carnival parties

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Rio Carnival Pictures

Salvador Carnival Pictures


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